All Buena Vista Dance classes run in consecutive 4 week terms. Because our classes are taught progressively, students are required to join in the first week of term only and commit to regular attendance. This saves new students from being overwhelmed and allows our regular students to fully enjoy their own classes.

Each term contains different material and all Beginners level terms are to be completed before students can progress to Intermediate level classes. Our highest level of Beginners can be similar to Intermediate level at other schools. If you're not sure which class is best for you, we run several different levels at the same time. Please arrive before a Beginners class on your first night and we'll direct you to the perfect group for your skill level.

Term 1   14 Jan - 8 Feb 2019

The term dates for all Buena Vista Dance classes can be found below. The next term always starts the week immediately following the previous term, and the timetable will remain the same unless announced otherwise. Please join our email newsletter and Facebook to ensure you are kept informed about any class changes.

The full class timetable for our current term is available here here.

Click below to download a printable version of the timetable:

BVD Timetable


Term Dates 2019

Term 1   14 Jan – 08 Feb
Term 2   11 Feb – 08 March
Term 3   11 March – 05 April
Term 4   08 April – 03 May
Term 5   06 May – 31 May
Term 6   03 Jun – 28 Jun
Term 7   01 Jul – 26 Jul
Term 8   29 Jul – 23 Aug
Term 9   26 Aug – 20 Sep
Term 10  23 Sept  18 Oct
Term 11   21 Oct   15 Nov
Term 12   18 Nov – 13 Dec.


Frequently Asked Questions

When can I use my 4 or 8 class pass?
The eight class pass is just a group of eight lessons that saves you money and is valid for three months. It is not linked to our four week term so you can buy it and use it at any time.

I am a new beginner, when should I join your classes?
We require all new beginners to start on the first week of our 4 week term, as per the dates above.

I have danced salsa before with another school, which class should I attend?
If you are not sure which class is best for you, we run several different levels at the same time. Please be aware that there are many differences between our style of Cuban salsa compared to that taught at other schools, there is a period of conversion which is covered in our beginners classes. Please attend any of our beginners classes and arrive 15 minutes before the start of the class, and we can direct you to the option that best suits your level.

If you have any further questions that are not answered on this website, you can also call or text us on 0437 737 727.

Salsa Syllabus - List of Elements

We've made available for our students a list of all the salsa and rueda elements included in the Buena Vista syllabus.

Download the Salsa Syllabus - list of elements

Download the Rueda de Casino Syllabus - list of elements

Class Information

New venue for Tuesday (now same as Friday): Bexley North Hotel, corner of Bexley Rd and Slade Rd, Bexley North. Street address to enter the FREE carpark is 197 Slade Rd via Google Maps and GPS. Bexley North train station is diagonally opposite the venue, on the Airport and East Hills Line, only 20 minutes from the city. Enter at main door, then via glass door next to hotel bistro and ATM. No need to waste time searching for expensive city parking. Great bistro for dinner before or after classes.