Welcome To Buena Vista Dance Cuban Academy

Get Fit and Active with Cuban Salsa Dancing. Meet new people, feel energized, confident and enjoy the social nights through music and dance. If you’ve never danced before, our foundation classes are perfect for you, then gradually we will build you up to Beginner levels to Intermediate and then Advanced!

Classes start with a warm up, stretch and then into the moves that’s relevant to your level.

Explore Cuban culture through dance and music, the authentic way from our very own Maestro El Moro.

Maestro El Moro Cuban born and raised, won many championships in Cuban Salsa & Dominican Bachata. Come and learn from the very best!

Afro beats, Cuban Salsa, Dominican Bachata, Rueda de Casino, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, all taught here at your door step. No partner required.

Meet new people, get fit, boost your confidence, self esteem and energy all at the same time. Cuban dancing could also help your mental health and can be used as therapy in a holistic way.

Social dancing is an option of choice – it’s a fun yet exciting community to be in. Go as little as you want or take the challenges to the max by broadening your passion into performances.

Contact us and join one of the most successful dance schools in Sydney.

We would also love you to join our events, even if you are not a current student.

What have we been up to?

Partner Work Has Started
October 8, 2020
Partner work classes has started, here are the rule:1. Bring your partner, someone you know and trust.2. There will be no changing partners throughout the clas...
June 28, 2020
Thanks to the government easing the restrictions,  we will start our classes respecting the rules with COVID-Safe procedures.✅TEMPERATURE CHECKS UPON ENTR
Celebrating 15 years in Sydney !
March 25, 2019
See our Events page for details
Launch of our new Website
January 25, 2019
Welcome to our new website. We hope you like it. Our aim is to provide as much information as possible and keep you informed with what we are doing, especial...