If Staying Home is what we are all doing, then let’s keep active using Zoom and having virtual classes.

We will cover most Cuban styles however we want to ensure we provide what you desire in the Cuban style dancing.

These virtual classes will be focused on fine-tuning your skills that may have been difficult to learn in a classroom environment, like body movement, postures, styling and perfecting your Cuban steps.  After this, you will feel good and look good dancing Cuban Salsa and Bachata on the dance floor.

Classes are 40 minutes each.

Pricing Options:

  • Single Class: $15
  • Package 1: $25 for 2 classes
  • Package 2: $35 for weekly unlimited pass
  • Package 3: $120 for monthly unlimited pass

Package 2 & 3 -the more classes you do, the cheaper the per class becomes. For example, if you choose Package 3 and do 1 class a night, it works out to be $6 per class!!

To book: please go to our Contact Us page for Bookings.

Payment must be made via bank transfer which only then will you receive confirmation and the link to the class.

Bookings MUST be completed by the Monday 10am and confirmation receipt of payment must be emailed to [email protected]