First of all, we would like to thank you for your support and for keeping Cuban dancing alive in this current environment. 

Due to the restrictions imposed by the NSW government and the return of COVID-19, we have decided to resume our Online (Zoom) classes.  By doing so, we hope to keep you safe, active and provide continuity of learning until restrictions are lifted and we are permitted to resume face to face teaching. 

Our online (Zoom) classes will run for 40 minutes. Please enter the meeting room at least 5 minutes prior to your scheduled class. We are unable to accept late attendees after the session has commenced. 

Once you enter the Zoom room, please mute your microphone.  To keep Moro as the main focus on your screen, please navigate to Moro’s icon in the gallery & click on the 3 ellipses (…) and select “Pin Video”.   

At the conclusion of your class, please “Leave” the Zoom room to enable Moro to prepare for the next session. 

You will receive a video of the pattern/s taught in your session so you may practice at your convenience and leisure. 

Book the classes you wish to attend via our website and confirm your booking by email to receive your invitation link. 

Payments must be made upfront to secure your booking.

Looking forward to seeing you and for you to enjoy your classes!