Class Levels

INT/ADV = These classes are for students who are in high intermediate levels 3-5 and low advanced levels 1-2.

INT/BEG = These classes are for students who are in Beginners levels 1-5 and Intermediate levels 1-3.

Foundations = These classes are for students who are completely new to Cuban Salsa.  These students may also attend the beginner’s class but will be required to advise BVD on attending to ensure we have a teacher to assist you. 

An initial private lesson is recommended for foundations.

Ongoing Assessments: 
Maestro El Moro will assess students each week and advise if they are better suited to a higher level or a lower level.  Please take this as your Maestro wanting you to get the best and most out of your learning.  
Should you have any questions or concerns about your level, please have a chat to El Moro after the lessons.  Should you wish to have a personalised lesson targeting specific areas you wish to work on, Moro is available for private lessons. 


MANLY VALE – Calabrian Bowling & Sports Club. Lot 1. Campbell Parade Manly Vale.

KINGSGROVE – Studio : B27/105A Vanessa St, Kingsgrove

PADDINGTON – Paddington RSL, 223 Oxford Street, Paddington

Studio class bookings (Manly Vale, Paddington RSL and Kingsgrove) please click here

Partner Work classes are now on rotation within the class. Masks are to be worn. Please bring your own mask.